Event Details

  • Start Date 11/03/2022
  • Start Time 10:30
  • End Time 19:00
  • Location Valencia Conference Center

Design policies are critical to shaping the prosperity and well-being of a city and its inhabitants.

The World Conference on Design Policies provides a global platform for the exchange of ideas and a laboratory for experimentation “think tank” where best practices are presented from different countries, regions and cities that work from the inclusion of effective design policies.

The result of these meetings and their conclusions seeks to lay the foundations for exercising public policies where design plays a relevant role, understanding design from the perspective of rigor and good judgment in its application.

A content that can modify existing policies facilitating a legacy in political management, benefiting the design community and mainly citizens, even long after the year of designation.

A physical meeting in Valencia that focuses its activity on the debate and exchange of ideas from the international level, with the city of Valencia in the center of attention and as a pole of attraction for foreign investments seeking opportunities thanks to development and stability .

Design-led urban policies are increasingly recognized as critical to shaping the future prosperity and wellbeing of a city and its inhabitants. The World Design Policy Conference provides a global platform for the exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices from different countries, regions, and cities that are developing, launching, and maintaining effective design policy.

The most content reach of the WDC Signature Events, its findings have the potential to set the foundation for a design-led legacy programme that benefits the design community and citizens and
that resonates far beyond the designated WDC year.